Monday, November 16, 2009

OC to CO

So Friday we are getting on a plane to Colorado and looking at homes...all of us; even E!  It is becoming clearer and clearer to us that we need to seek some financial peace.  Living in the OC with the giant mortgage and killer taxes is just not cutting it.  I do believe it is time to take a big bite of humble pie and give up the charade.

This is no small feat.  I do not believe that Coloradians think kindly of Californians.  We will need to be brave.  Actually the hardest part of this plan is the idea of leaving my folks.  The house in the picture actually has another little guest house with it.  Financially that particular house would not be giving us that financial peace...but...if my folks came with us (even just for extended vacations)....

See, here I go already pushing the financial envelope!  What happened to being frugal?  It's not like we would be buying any house outright.  No matter what we'll end up with a mortgage.  So why would I even think of looking at a house that is priced beyond our "financial peace" price?  I'd like to say because I would love to have my Mom and Dad live with us....and that IS part of it.  But, really, I think I don't want to take that giant of a piece of that humble pie.  I am a bit ashamed of myself.

On the other hand, I am very excited that all five of us are going anywhere!  Once you have adult children it seems as though these together-times are just heaven sent.  None of us knows what to expect out of this weekend except that we are going to explore the area, the homes, and on Sunday....The Tattered Cover in Denver before we catch our flight home (oops, I think my nerd is showing!).  I'm thinking we'll come home knowing that our clothes aren't warm enough and with a new resolve (hopefully) to get our present home on the market.

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