Monday, November 23, 2009

Roman Road Building...our way

Today we tried to get some school done.  I'm a bit distracted with the whole Colorado thing and...well...there is that holiday coming up on Thursday!  We still managed to get lots done and finished off by making our own Roman Road.  We are reading the Story of the World and have been enjoying all of the projects that can come with it.  I just thought I'd share this one:

First she took a graham cracker and crushed it up for the sand.

Then she spread some whipped cream a whole graham cracker for the ... um ... well to make the sand stick.  Next she sprinkled some chopped nuts for the small stones.

Spread some yummy homemade store bought frosting for the cement.  Then she placed the cut up small marshmallows for the large cobblestones.

Ta Da!

Then we all had to eat her "Edible History" (her words).  It was disgustingly sweet and truly pretty gross.  But, hey, it's all good fun.

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