Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WFMW: Wireless Internet Control

I am a mom of two teen-aged daughters who loves her wireless...however...I still want C * O * N * T * R * O * L !! They have laptops that they use for schoolwork Facebook and I know how addicting spending time on the internet can become.

My solution is a power strip that has a timer. I just plug my wireless router and my dsl modem into said strip...and I still have some control over their internet browsing (sort of). I have set the timer to shut off power around 11pm and to turn on around 5:30am. It's easy enough to override if the need arises.

It works for me.  Find out what is working for everyone else at Kristen's Works For Me Wednesdays.


  1. Thank you for commenting at my site. You are indeed welcome for the Advent button. Congratulations for celebrating it this year! For my part, we do very little but each year I add on a bit. I figure one day we'll have a fully functional traditionalized Advent season that my kids will remeber when they're adults and parents.


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