Monday, January 18, 2010

Mini Office Madness

As always, I am copying motivated by Jimmie at Jimmie's Collage. In my quest to give T more independence while working, I built her a Mini Office. She helped me choose what to put in her Mini Office.  Anything that doesn't have a link I generated on my own and didn't save the file (*slaps forehead - doh!).

History Section:
 English Section:
 Math Section:
Science Section:

I gave it to her today...she's already used it, feeling very grown up looking things up on her own.  I'm not sure which was more fun; finding out what she thought should go in it or watching her use it!  Thank you, Jimmie!


      1. What size file folders do you use and how do you laminate them? Thanks!

      2. I used the regular sized folder (not the legal sized ones). I just re-folded them in a "shutter fold."

        After I placed all of the items on the folder, I had the three folders laminated at a local office supply store.

        Then...I used this extra sticky two-sided tape to connect the three folders.

        So far, her mini office has tolerated her abuse. She loves it. She's already thinking about what to put in her 3rd grade mini office!

        Have fun!

      3. Thanks for the info! A couple more questions:)

        Do they still fold up nice being laminated?
        Do they still stand well, being as some of the lamination is sticking out the bottom?

        Have you ever used the self laminating sheets?

        Cheers, Rain

      4. Do they still fold up? Hmm...sort of. They are thick, but after I laminated them and stuck them to each other, I put a big, heavy book on them. I think that helped secure the folds.

        Do they stand well? Yes, they stand up just fine. She uses it as a privacy office sometimes around her work. I left little edges of the laminate to prevent peeling. The laminate sticks best to itself, so if you leave a little edge the laminate will survive longer (at least in my experience).

        And, sorry...I've never used the self laminating sheets. I'm guessing it would be a fail for me because I am a mess with saran wrap!!

        Give it a try. And check out Jimmie's blog...she has a ton of resources (however, I'm happy to answer any questions I can....I just totally ripped her idea off!!) : )

      5. Ha! The IPod parts of speech part is too cute! You are SO welcome! I love how you enlisted her help to create it. And I know it gives her a great sense of independence to use it to look up facts without asking you.


      I love a discussion!