Monday, January 25, 2010

My Daughter is a WordSmithery Fan

Little T is a fan of journal writing.  Wait.  Let me repeat second grader is a FAN of journal writing!!   Sarah at Small World has created a wonderful program to encourage writers young and old (er...older).

T even uttered the words, "Journal is my favorite!  Can we do more?!!"  Seriously, can you believe that?  This is my daughter that would tell you the most amazing story, but write bare bone sentences with three letter words.  Now...she's sneak writing in bed.

If any of you have reluctant writers, then hop on over to Sarah's WordSmithery.

The only drawback is that there are only eight weeks....and we've just completed T's favorite week so far (just so you know, she says that every week!), Week 4.  What will we do in four weeks?!  (hint, hint)

Here is her Simile Rainbow Project:

If you can read her rainbow, you'll see that she is still quite the realist.   However, her journal writing has opened up a brand new creativity.  For one of week 3's assignments (write a recipe for crocodile pie) she wrote a recipe for Nile Kibble Pie.  It was a very icky, full-of-crocodiles pie for her dog.  I love it.

So this is my gushing fan blog for Sarah and her WordSmithery!

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  1. I am SO glad she's enjoying it! And I really, really do have many more weeks' worth of lesson plans! Hopefully I'll have a few more up before you get there!


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