Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Homeschooling While Harpooning

Wow.  What a week.  I'm glad it's over.  (I always thought that was a creepy way to look at you're glad part of your life is over??)  This week, however, I'm glad is over.

I had a week of doctor fun for myself and learned how to harpoon myself (twice daily injections) and take rat poison (I do not lie) for my monstrous jello blood (big ol' blood clot - thank you Yaz).  I was worried that we would get behind this week, but the enthusiasm of getting back into the swing of school kept us on track.

This is my first year homeschooling.  I have an almost 20 year old daughter.  I am used to the week back to school as a sort of depressing time (they are not thrilled to be back at school, I am not thrilled that they were back at school, etc).  This homeschooling business is amazing!  We were both in a great frame of mind.  It was as if she had missed her studies and was anxious to get back to them.  This is a bit of a phenomenon to me.  What is it?  Do you think homeschooling encourages a true love of learning?  Oh, I so hope so!!!

I am constantly amazed at how many little snippets I would miss if I weren't homeschooling my 7 year old.  Here is my Weekly Wrap Up as quoted from my 2nd grader:
  • "There's no way you would find me in a catacomb...totally structurally unsound!"
  • "History is the coolest ever!"
  • "You'''re just like Julius Caesar!"  (said to big sis being a big sis)
  • "Seriously, Mom, why don't they just start out with makes everything so much easier."
  • "Ok, so let me think a minute....OH, OH, OH I GOT IT!" (and she did)
What a blessing to be witness to this kind of learning.  I know it's not like she's an astrophysicist, but just to be able to be a participant in her excitement of learning...what a gift!
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      1. Oh I love your snippets! Aren't those words of wisdom coming from their mouths just wonderful! Thanks for sharing them. I enjoyed a giggle!

      2. I love the snippets and seeing them learn! It sounds like a fun week if you take out the nasty dr. stuff!

      3. Oh my, good luck with your clot. Does the treatment have side effects? I love the quote list! I think the same thing, that there is so much I would miss if my kids went to public school.

      4. I liked the way you put having to give yourself injections. Yuck! Will you have to continue this?

        Isn't it funny what kids say!?! Sometimes their perspective on things is hilarious.

      5. Homeschooling was awesome for me. For science, I went to challenger learning center and did a rocket simulation. For math I was given a tack catalog, a budget, and an imaginary horse to outfit.

        Then I went to college nad learned about these things called "Textbooks" O.o Still made straight A's, but not as fun.

      6. Thanks for all of the well wishes on my harpooning!

        Univoked: I'm so excited to get my daughter an imaginary horse...what a great idea! Love it!



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