Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Leaks and Surprises

This has been one crazy week for me. I'm still on house arrest because of my blood clots (read here for my love of Yaz) so life is not as busy as a month ago. It's amazing how much time I used to spend in the car!

T woke up with snot and feeling slow so I was kind and we concentrated on her favorite journal program, WordSmithery from Sarah's Small World, and her other favorite, The Story of the World. All was good. Peace reigned.

Then, the water guy came. I had noticed that my water bill was double (an extra $200 to come up with this month). We had used THOUSANDS of extra gallons during the previous month. I was certain they had misread the meter....uh, no. He confirms the reading and informs me that we must have a leak. He further determined that it must be somewhere from the meter to the house. OK, we have a super long driveway and the water main goes in the most circuitous route to finally get to our home. This is not great news.

"Is the ground soft anywhere?" he asks.

"Uh, gee, we live in So. Cal. and just had the five rainstorms move through here."

"No," he says "like 'sink hole' soft?"

"Awesome, I'll call a plumber or someone with a divining rod."

T wakes up feeling better. We start on the dreaded math. What was I thinking? I must have been feeling reckless. I second guess my starting subject, but we trudge forward. It is money...and she loves it...and totally gets it! Huh? I'll go with it.

Her success frees up my mind and I think we shouldn't call the plumber, we should call a leak detector guy first. I cancel the plumber and call the leak guy. Leak guy can't make it until Wednesday since it is, again, raining in our world. OK. Deep breath. This leak has been there for at least a month, I can wait a day.

The best part of today:  T started an art class at a local KidsArt and this is what she  made during her FIRST session...and she loves, loves, loves it!  Oh, to have happy kids; it makes my day!

Leak guy shows up. Found it. ($400) Call the plumber while counting blessings that the leak is under pavers and not concrete.

We met with T's charter school today to turn in work, etc. I love that the paperwork is a mild inconvenience to her. What she really wants to do is have T show her favorite work and read her essays. I know a lot of people bristle at the whole charter school thing, but we are having The Best experience. I get encouraged. T gets encouraged. It's all good.

Plumber shows up. Fixes it. ($700) There goes my mad money. I keep almost saving enough money for new carpet and then life happens and it goes away. *sigh

Can you see our $1,300 leak? Yeah, neither can I...but they fixed it, I promise/hope.

We work on math again, hoping to ride on yesterday's success.  Nope.  Bad idea.  Did NOT dig Singapore Math today.  I did the minimal (can't give up, right?) and tied an apron on her, gave her sticky notes, and set her to work pricing her "store."  Phew!  That worked.  Her store now has multiple locations (her room and the basement), a sign, and flyers inviting her sisters to her "Sale!"

I don't know if you can see the prices, but the piano is $3 and the Olivia lunchbox is $42.83!!  lol

Sale! Day...totally fun!  It was a nice end to a hectic week.  I am so glad that I listened to Jimmie on Jimmie's Collage and took her advice for some hand's on math.  Lots of change making went on today.  Better than a worksheet any day!

Now, I think that I am ready for the weekend!

I hope you all had wonderful weeks!  Don't forget to visit Kris to find out what everyone else did this week at the Weekly Wrap Up!


  1. I love how your kiddos priced the lunchbox- too funny!

  2. I'll take the piano for $3 please. LOL

    Sorry about the leak. If you sell enough lunch boxes maybe you can get your mad money back.

  3. What a wonderful week! I love the way you narrated your days :)

  4. Sorry about the leak. Not fun I am sure. Good for you preservering. You go mama.


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