Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WFMW: Multiplication War

I've been inspired by Jimmie at Jimmie's Collage to play more math games and not be such a freak about completing all of those work sheets. We decided to play multiplication war.

She's only worked on multiplication up to 5, so I made my own die with numbers 0-5. Each time we lay down a card, we roll the die and multiply to get our answer. Our answers then go to "war" with each other. She's had lots of fun and has painlessly studied her facts for over an hour (these games can go on forrreevveerrr!)

It worked for me. Find out what is working for everyone else at Kristen's Works For Me Wednesdays.


  1. Clever!!

    A teacher friend of mine swears by the multiplication wrapping keys. They're self-correcting and an easy way to learn.

    Here's one place that sells them:

    Our teacher supply store has them, too. I'm not affiliated with them, but thought it might be helpful for your multiplication-learning kiddo!

  2. *slaps forehead! Thanks for the reminder...I have some of those from the big girls. I'll dig those out. Great idea!


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