Monday, April 5, 2010

Scaredy Cat

Today I make an appointment for my 17 year old to have a biopsy on her lymph node.  They are hoping to rule out lymphoma.  There are a million things it could be and my fears are focused on the one thing it might be.

This is my Canary Kid.  If there is some weird illness out there, she'll get it.  Last summer she had Pertussis.  Yep.  Whooping Cough.  Doesn't that sound like she should be wearing a long skirt, trudging through the prairie bringing Pa his lunch pail?  Seriously!

She had her vaccines (albeit spread out).  Apparently now that Pertussis is again on the rise, you need a booster after 10 years.  Who knew?  Not me.  I do now.  In fact, now when you get a tetanus shot it can have Pertussis booster included.  I'm just saying.

She's also my kid that came down with Mono AND Strep at the same time.  That was a fun Thanksgiving.

So, forgive me if I am thinking the worse.

Now I'm going to go be a big girl and make her appointment and pretend it's no big deal.



  1. Aw! Thanks for asking. She is scheduled to remove one of the pesky lymph nodes for a biopsy on Thursday.

  2. Well, keep us posted, we'll be praying for your family (one homeschooler to another). BTW, we homeschooled all four kids off and on throughout their school years. One is at UCLA now, another at UCSB, and the two girls are back in public school at least for a season. We are flexible though that they could come home at some time, who knows?

  3. Thank you so very much! We are about at our presumed limit for stress in this family. 2010 hasn't been such a stellar year for far! Our motto has become, "It could have been worse!"

    You know, I think we've tried all of the different schooling opportunities around us. This year it seems as though we've hit our stride. Who knows what next year will bring!


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