Monday, May 10, 2010

Stranger Danger and Bedazzled Guitars

My oldest was at college today and I received this email from her:

Well I owe you a lovely story.  A nicely inebriated (I would say pot or alcohol but this poor guy was so far gone and dirty that I want to say he may be doing a harder drug) asian guy with dreadlocks was playing the guitar outside the library today.  I sat down to eat some yogurt and have my tea and look over some school work before cracking down on sitting for the next hour until my next class.  This nice man (he introduced himself as Ryan) sat down and started playing the guitar right next to me, staring and drooling.  I ignored him, as I tend to do with weird people.  He kept playing and proceded to talk to me about how he thinks he may be becoming his own worst enemy, everything he hates; while smiling...and drooling.  He is quiet for a while, but an excellent guitarist so I just keep eating my yogurt and listening.  I start to draw him a picture as thanks for providing entertainment.  Before I left he told me a beautiful girl like me should never go anywhere without somebody serenading me and to have a lovely life.  Creepiness aside, it completely made my day.
PS. I forgot to mention that he had completely glued sequins all OVER his guitar.
It initially worried me that she had forgotten my "stranger danger" lecture, but then as it rumbled around in my head I realized that I was good with it.  She had seen beauty in an unexpected place.  She had probably given him a little bit of something by not scurrying away.  I'm glad my children can look at the world boldly.

She gave him the picture she had drawn.  When she left, he was taping it to the front of his bedazzled guitar.

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