Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Got a Free Cat That Cost $330

I love kittens.  I love cats.  I love how they snuggle.  I love how sometimes they kind of accidentally drool when they are purring a lot.  I love them.  However, I do NOT love litter boxes.  We have not had a cat in a long time because I can't get over my litter box hate.

My wonderful, loving husband is far, far away for a long, long time and we had a moment of insanity and agreed to give a home to a stray cat.  A stray cat that is used to living outside in the big, wide world.  (And yes, I did ask him!  And, yes, he did say 'yes!')  My husband demanded requested that we name it "Pussy Galore."  You know, from 007.

Turns out Pussy Galore is a boy.  Pussy Galore becomes Knobjob (instead of Odd Job from 007, again).

We're idiots.

He's a full grown tomcat with a bit of an attitude.  Nice guy, but a little edgy.  Tough guy with lots of scars.  I decide he should be named after a fighter...thus Knobjob becomes Marvin (as in Hagler).

First things first....he must go to the vet and have his little "procedure."  Btw, I'm all about spaying and neutering.  Don't get me started.  I'll be on my no-more-pets-in-this-world soap box in no time!!

He goes to the vet.  He was covered with fleas.  Flea bath and treatment was added to the surgery bill.  The vet says one of his canine teeth (and why do cats have canine teeth?) is split and the pulp is exposed.  Well, no wonder he is a little "edgy."  Out the tooth comes.

Now Marvin becomes Bucky (as in Get Fuzzy - notice the tooth).

And this is how Bucky came to live with us and rang up a $330 vet bill the first day.  God bless him.

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