Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maybe I'm Not Done Yet - Father's Day Fire

So I was going to stop posting so I could focus on "things."  The funny thing is that this blog helps me focus on "things."  So here I am again, a week late, posting about Father's Day and wondering why I haven't finished the laundry.

My man, my favorite person to be with, my children's father spent Father's Day in another city trying to support us in a crazy-ass economy.  Pretty damn awesome, I say.

We spent our Father's Day moping that he was gone and wondering what to do with ourselves all day long.   I was sitting on our deck with my brother looking at the view (kind of, sort of feeling sorry for myself) when my brother says, "Smoke."  After a flurry of a 911 call, me handing my brother a kitchen fire extinguisher (don't ask), and my daughter and I evacuating our neighbor's horses into a trailer to wait for the all clear, we sat and watched the show.

Can I tell you how very amazing our firefighters are?  Not just because we were in need, but because they got out there as though they were choreographed.  It was a little brush fire, but the dry lakebed is surrounded with homes ... so it was a nice thing that they kept it little.

So our Father's Day was exciting and terribly boring and lonely at the same time.

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