Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just When I Think I Can Relax

We got through our week of good-byes intact.  Well everyone got to where they were expected, at least.  We are missing each other and taking a moment to realize that we really do like one another.  It's hard work being apart.

Our summer has just turned the crazy up a notch.  I'm trying to be calm, cool, and collected about our opportunities.  Today, however, I just decided I needed a nap.  It was just a little much.

See, my husband is coming home to So. Cal. from his job in Pittsburgh this Thursday (where he has been since April).  Then he is immediately prepping to do a show in Anchorage...ALASKA.  He will leave for Alaska on July 26.

Why I needed a nap?  Because this is still all tentative.  He doesn't have any of his travel secured yet.  The way his world works drives me nuts sometimes!

We (D, T, and me) are thinking of following him up there at the end of July.  Then T and I will come home mid August so we can welcome E home from Germany.  Eventually T and I will go back up to spend a month or so...depending on the house sitting situation.

Meanwhile, I need to finish my million and one doctor visits, T needs to get her braces, and we need to figure out how/when to start school while traveling.  I'm thinking that means I need to be a big girl and plan.

So assuming that all will go as planned, does anyone have any suggestions for fun/educational things to do in Anchorage?  We already had astronomy in our year's science plans....I'll be pushing that one up to the first of the school year.  I mean, really.  Alaska?  Astronomy?  Now I'm getting excited!

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