Monday, July 5, 2010

Too Many Good-byes!

Today we drove our oldest to the airport and put her on a plane to Germany.  For SIX weeks!  What was I thinking?  Oh, never mind that she's an adult and is a German major and has wanted to travel abroad for forever and paid for it herself (sort of, but we didn't pay) and she's taking two upper division classes.

None of that matters.

She's too far away.

And she doesn't like to fly.

And she doesn't like to talk to people she doesn't know.

And I saw Toy Story 3 today...of all days.

I miss her already.
John and E's friend watching her wind her way through security.

Tomorrow my husband flies back to work....across the friggin' country!  He was home for the weekend to help say good-bye to E.  But now he's leaving again.  I miss him and he's not even gone yet.

What am I doing instead of snuggling with my man tonight?  I'm watching my daughter's plane on Flight Aware; as though I'm going to get her there safely by my stalker-tendencies.  She has 39 minutes left to her flight.

There is just no hope for me.

On Wednesday, we say good-bye to my middle daughter's horse.  I wrote about my stellar Mom Moment and me suggesting that perhaps it was time to find a new home for the horse a month or so ago.  There is heartbreak all around.  The only silver lining in that cloud of sadness is that she is going to another little girl in Texas.  And, seriously, everything is bigger in Texas!  You should see the ranch she is going to....when they say "pasture," they mean "PASTURE!"  It's so the right thing to do for the horse, but that only helps a broken horse girl heart so much.

See?  Just way too many good-byes in my world.

Now she only has 31 minutes left until she lands in Germany.  Ugh.

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