Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parenting "Adult" Children

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I am conflicted and constantly checking myself in regards to parenting my oldest.  I mean when do you stop mothering them?

I admit I am one angst filled mama.

I worry when she drives (not that those three four accidents would be any reason to worry!).

I worry that she is too blunt with her friends.  She isn't always one to participate in social norms.  It is a very big part of what I love about her, but I do hope that her friends have the same tolerance as we do.

I worry that we haven't done a good enough job in helping her understand money.  I trust that she has an amazing work ethic, but she can also spend with that same laser focus.

It appears that most of what I worry about are the things I haven't spent enough time or energy teaching or encouraging her.

I believe I need to get over myself.

She is a competent adult.  She will be moving out someday soon.  She will make her own way.  I'll get to experience a different relationship with her.

Yep.  I need to just get over myself.

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