Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fitting Square Pegs...or Not

Image by ePublicist/Yoel Ben-Avraham
I have a houseful of square pegs.

There was a time when I tried to make them round, but their edges were too sharp.

Then I made excuses for them as if I were round and I knew how they should be.

Then I gave up.  Kept my head down.  I tried to encourage them in their squareness and comfort them when they noticed they weren't round.

As they grew older and I appreciated who they were becoming more and more, I stopped keeping my head down.

Now I look around.  I'm bursting with pride at my square pegs making their own way like frontiersmen.

I keep my mouth closed though.  Their paths are unique.  How could I claim to be an expert on square-peggedness?

I just know I can love and appreciate them.

I'm so glad it really does take all kinds to make the world go round!


  1. Thank you, I found your post on a google search for an image to go with a poem I wrote called pegs. I am an adult with Aspergers syndrome and dylexia. I found your post very encouraging. Love and hugs. xx :)

  2. So, so happy to know the not-so-round pegs in my life!  Here's hoping you have a gaggle of folks that love you and the way you think!  I do wish you would have linked your poem. 

  3. Thank you, I have a few people who love and accept me just as I am. Also a whole on line community of friends that understand because they are square pegs too.
    Here is the link to my poem.
    I have two blogs, this will link you to my "Listening through the Loops" blog.
    My "Alienhippy's blog" A place where I can be me! You will find on my blogroll.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx :)

  4. I was impatient and already found it!  Loved your poem; anyone poking around here should follow her link.  I think if all of those rounded people in our lives looked a little harder, they would find their edges.  


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