Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gone Fishin' with Think!

Other than with my medical drama the last week, I have been trying to spice things up academically around here.  T is a "sparky" learner; she trudges along being compliant, but maybe not too thrilled...until...a spark!  Then all bets are off.  Her excitement over whatever it is that interests her is contagious and pretty soon even the 19 year old is talking ancient Rome or Pokemon or archeology or whatever with her.

I have never really figured out what triggers the spark.  I mean it could be anything; story, a conversation, a picture...anything.  I thought that maybe I would to help fan the flames (so to speak).  Then I found Think! -- love it!  This week I presented T with her supplies and her task.  She was to build a fishing rod with a reel and reel something in with only using a few household items (here is the task on Think!). She had so much started the spark!  Thanks Think!

A little frustrated that I gave her such crazy supplies for this task.


Fishing for a "dogfish!" Didn't work so well.

What about this? (The notes reads: "Do you want to come over?")

Fishing for the neighbor boys....yikes! I hope she outgrows this!


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