Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Belated New Year!

I know I'm a little slow to post this about our Chinese New Year, but ... well... life's been slapping me around a bit.

We had so much fun today celebrating Chinese New Year!  We wore red (even though none of us were born in the year of the Tiger).  We made tigers out of egg cartons and the girls loved their red envelopes.
We had fun getting new Chinese names (you can call me Kong Man Lun now, thank you very much) and colored lots of tigers today.
We also made our favorite orange salad (it was all I could do after seeing that Jimmie ate "wild cat" for her celebration!).  It's super yummy, the salad I mean (although Jimmie said the wild cat was tasty, too -- I kind of think "Ick").  All that is in the salad is oranges, bananas, and marshmallows.  The marshmallows get kind of soggy with the juice from the oranges. Mmmm mmm.
We tried our best to make Bakerella's cake balls (she calls them "Cake Pops" -- because she's way more coordinated!) with a Tiger twist.  The decorating didn't quite work out for us...but there were no problems in the way they tasted!  It was worth making them if only for the opportunity to ask if the kids wanted to try "Tiger Balls!"  *I'm so mature!
Jimmie is the best!  Her blog is full of inspiration!  Jimmie is hosting a contest about celebrating Chinese New Year.  Be certain to visit to see how everyone is celebrating this year.


  1. The egg carton tigers are adorable! And I have to admit that although the wild cat was tasty, I'd rather have your mini marshmallow salad. YUM! Every now and then I can find plain (not oddly flavored or filled) marshmallows here. But they are never so light and fluffy (or mini) as USA ones.
    Thanks for joining in the fun. You're too sweet to say such kind things about me and my blog.

  2. I wouldn't say nice things unless I meant them! It really is nice having such an awesome resource as your blog...especially with this being our first year. You've become quite the mentor! Thank YOU!


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