Sunday, April 24, 2011

Confessions of a Serial Curriculum Checker Outer

I must confess I had an epiphany last week.

In regards to curriculum for our soon to be 4th grader, I need to do a lot less looking and a lot more doing!

Intentions don't equate to learning.

Great ideas without implementation don't equate to learning.

Unused curriculum doesn't work either.

I'm all about getting new ideas to keep things exciting, however lately I've been spending much too much time looking through options for next year.  I am distracted from the business of finishing 3rd grade.

So much of this homeschool thing is so deliberate and takes such willpower.  I suppose it's time to grow up and try on some of that maturity my years on this earth were supposed to give me.

It is time for me to focus on the job at hand.

I am putting myself on a curriculum research time out.

Starting now.

Poor T.  Her holiday is over.

Happy Monday to her!!

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  1. Yes! I've said this myself many a time. I love the planning, researching, and reading. It can actually HURT the schooling when you invest so much time in the curriculum search. Sometimes you just need to USE what is at hand.


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