Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Planet Study

Our planet study was loads of fun!

We are using a bunch of different resources, but mostly R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey: Earth and Space this time.  This is our first experience with it and we are loving it!  I appreciate that it is so hands on.  Actually T appreciates it the most.
T's Pringle Oven

For our planet study we:

  • watched Bill Nye's (I love him!) The Planets
  • watched Magic School Bus' Space Adventure
  • read The Mystery of Mars by Sally Ride & Tam O'Shaughnessy 
  • did R.E.A.L. Science's Uranus experiment with egg cartons, checkers, and chop sticks (we tried to measure the "terrain" of the closed egg carton (different numbers of checkers in each egg hole) by poking and measuring with a chop stick.
  • did R.E.A.L. Science's Mars experiment by making our own red dirt with sand, water, and steel wool.
  • did R.E.A.L. Science's Mercury experiment by making our very own solar oven with a Pringle can.  We cooked a hot dog!
  • designed our cover (top pic) from the idea on Art Projects For Kids
  • and memorized R.E.A.L. Science's Planet Poem
After we had explored each planet, we gathered all of our lab notes and pictures in a notebook with her own cover art.  T is very excited to share her planet notebook with our charter school teacher.  And I'm super excited that she's excited.  

 Next, we are on to galaxies and stars!  

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