Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swapping Fun

This was my first time participating in The Homeschool Post's Swap and I had so much fun.  I was paired with Lynn at The Ladybug Chronicles.  I'm a girl who loves a theme so it was LOADS of fun for me to find fun ladybug things to send her.

And the love that was sent to me was extraordinary!  Lynn showered me with treats!!  It was so nice to look forward to something special in the mail box.  I've got to tell you; the bills are getting just a little old!
Starting from the special flower card on the bottom left, there are:
  • two tablets with great sayings ("a little more laughter; a little less worry; a little more kindness; a little less hurry" and "Wherever life takes you...enjoy the ride!", 
  • a perfectly wonderful menu organizer, 
  • From Here to Eternity - a collection of prayers and quotes (I especially liked the 30 day plan of prayers for your husband; day 1 starts today!), 
  • a very sweet bookmark (much better than the Pokemon card that I am currently using! - How did she know?!
  • an inspirational magnet with a star penny to wish upon, and 
  • The Orchard - a parable by Elisa Morgan.

I was so excited to use the menu organizer that I told my daughters that they were in charge of coming up with at least one of the days' dinners.  I may be in trouble.  My oldest quickly penned Schnitzel for this coming Thursday.  Does anyone know how to make schnitzel??

The best part about the swap was that I found myself saying an extra prayer for Lynn throughout the day each time I came across a ladybug something.  I hope she felt my hugs from so many states away.  What a great way to make the world a little smaller for us moms.  Thank you The Homeschool Post!

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