Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

This week felt as though it was a lot of hurry-up-and-get-on-track for us.  I think when I made my plans I didn't include the craziness I would feel just before Thanksgiving!  Instead of being...uh...flexible (!)...I crammed it all in this week.  Awesome learning, huh?!  Give me a list or a set of rules and watch me go.  Grr (at myself).  Next year, I will plan to take the whole week of Thanksgiving off and just play and prepare.

Not to beat myself up too, too are the fun things we did do this week: we did have some fun this week!  I felt like such a drill sergeant though; I really need to work on my flexibility!

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  1. Flexibility was really hard for me, at first, too. Sounds like you did have a lot of fun this week. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It doesn't feel like Christmas if I don't get to watch it.

  2. Flexibility can be hard for me at times too. I feel like we're behind right now, but really, how can you be behind when you're the one in charge? :o)

  3. I tend to be inflexible too, but I'm getting better. :-)

    Your week sounds lots like ours. We also went to a local science museum, voted on gingerbread houses at Christmasville, and spent some time reading our Christmas books that we got out when we decorated the tree.

    Sounds like a good (busy) week.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I feel a little less creepy knowing that others have had the same struggle. It's been quite the transition year for us!

  5. Flexibility. I have totally had to learn that with my last daughter. What works one day with her doesn't necessarily work the next.

    It sounds like you made time for the important stuff. Curling up together and reading favorite books and that.

    BTW, I love your monster pillows. We also did this activity not long ago, but I didn't get a post up about them.


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