Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here we are getting ready to go away for the weekend to look at homes in a different state and our dog of over 13 years is failing...quickly.  He has been so brave and such a great companion to all of us.  Is it our packing suitcases that is hurrying him along?  Is it some predestined time chosen long ago and it is our poor planning that sends us away when he may need us most?

Should we stay home?  Should we wait for him to tell us more clearly that he wants some help dying?  I feel so creepy.  We'll be home Sunday evening.  Will he wait?

We have a dear family friend staying with Bob while we are away.  I had to call the vet and give my consent to let Bob die should it become clearer to our friend that it is time.  How the heck do you know?  I am praying that he will stay with Bob and pet him as the vet injects him for the last time.  I can't make him stay with Bob as I would, but I can ask and I can pray he will find the strength to stay with Bob.

I'm thinking I'm done with pets.  Just too darn sad.  I know, I know... but right now, that's how I feel.

Bye, Bobby

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