Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pictures can be oh SO deceiving!
Home Hunt Update:

But first, Bob seems more himself (so say the reports from home!).  I know his time is coming, but thank goodness it is not just yet.

OK...back to the house.  Our dream house.  The House.  Wow.  It was amazing.  Not in a good way.  In a how-the-heck-is-this-the-house-in-the-pictures way!  This bucolic home in the pictures could be the set for Saw 6 (or whatever sequel they are on)!!  I've never seen the movies, but I know that they are super creepy.  That was this house...super creepy.

We have dubbed it the serial killer house.  No lie; it had a fire safety sticker that a child slept in a concrete room off the barn with a drain!  Maybe it was a recycled window and the room was for milking cows.  Maybe.  I'm going with the serial killer theme. 

On the other hand, we really did find a spectacular home.  I won't yet bore you with the details or jinx it by talking about it too much...let's just say it has something for everyone in the family.  Now we just have that minor detail of selling our home in So. Cal.  Anyone want a home in Orange County?


  1. Glad you've found your niche in the homeschooling . But my oh my that house sound spooky!

  2. Very, very spooky!! But it did make the driving fun after we left. There were quite a few stories going around the car as to what REALLY went on in that house!!


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