Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yaz Can Be Deadly

So, I know this post won't have a lot to do with homeschooling....but it has everything to do with ME homeschooling T.  I was diagnosed today with a major blood clot clots in my leg.  Major.  It goes They go from my groin to my calf.  I now have to give myself injections twice a day and take Coumadin for 6 months, plus the added bonus of weekly blood tests.  Oh joy.

All of this because I wanted more regular periods and a clearer face.  Ugh.  Yaz is a birth control pill that was prescribed to me for both of those purposes.  The doctor informed me that the risks were just like any other birth control pill.   Wrong.  Yaz contains drospirenone, a "fourth generation" progestin that no other pill uses.  They think that the progestin is the cause of the blood clots.

Ironically, I am still at risk for a pulmonary embolus or stroke.  Stroke. Pulmonary embolus.  Neither of those would work very well with homeschooling.  I'm guessing that my nagging feeling and my relatedness to Superwoman/Jedi Knight Anissa was a serious message.  Would I have gotten that weird red line on my leg checked out as quickly as I did if I had not been praying for Anissa?  Maybe not.  I love a mysterious God.

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